Day In The Woods

Proximity to Pune and Mumbai makes Trikaya Retreat an ideal destination to spend a day amidst the enticing woods of the Western Ghats. A trek through the peaceful and tranquil dense Shirota forests in the backyard of the retreat will leave you with fond and nostalgic memories. The sight of Deer, peacocks and other wild animals whilst your trek can be exhilarating and adventurous. A short nature trail within the Retreat leads you to an enchanting waterfall and a serene pond. Recharge your energy cells with mouthwatering barbecue and lunch. Visit the ancient Kondeshwar Shiv temple or just relax on the hammock after lunch. Evening high tea with snacks will end the day on a tasty note. Enliven that Special day that u wish to cherish for a lifetime at Trikaya Retreat.

We provide food package consisting of Breakfast with egg and vegetarian in its offerings, Lunch with barbecue (veg and non veg) and a dessert, High tea with snacks.

The tariff for the Day in the woods package includes all the above mentioned three meals.

Reservation & Cancellation Policy:

  • Confirmation of Reservation will be effective only after the full payment is made in advance.
  • Food Package will have to be purchased separately along with villa stay option booking.
  • Rates include all that is explicitly mentioned above and nothing else. Food ordered from the ‘a la carte’ menu does not form part of the package and will have to be paid in cash at the time of check out. Connectivity could be a problem and hence we can’t assure card swipe facility.
  • Check in and Checkout times are as given against the different packages. Early check in / late checkout can only be with prior agreement and is the sole prerogative of the management. Early check in / Late checkout may entail additional charges. Please enquire at the time of booking itself.
  • Guests have to submit valid government ID’s at the time of checking in. Expats / NRI’s have to give passport and visa details in advance, at the time of booking.

Cancellation and Date change:

  • 7 days or more before the check in date – No cancellation charge.
  • 6 days or less – 100% forfeiture charges apply.
  • Refund amounts will be processed within 10 days of the date of the original check in date.
  • Reservation blackout dates” and “No cancellation dates” will be announced from time to time.

Additional Information:

  • Since we are located close to the forest area and we do not have veterinary doctor available at the resort, we do not allow pets on the property.
  • Tent facility can be availed for the day picnic with extra cost and depending on availability.
  • We do not serve alcohol. Any one carrying alcohol with them is required to have individual permits for possession and consumption of alcohol. We do not charge corkage.
  • We have a strict non – negotiable “No Drug” use policy. Any one found indulging in use of any psychotropic substance will be immediately and summarily asked to vacate the premises. No refunds are applicable in such cases.
  • Toilets / wash rooms are available in the main building.

What to carry with you:

  • While we strive to have insect repellents on hand, in case you have preference for any brand or application, please carry your preferred lotions / balms / sunscreens with you
  • All specific medications that you may require. We maintain a first aid kit for normal minor cuts / pains / sprains / discomforts etc.
  • Binoculars
  • Music instruments like Guitar or any other for music lovers.
  • Get a book which you have been planning to read for a while.
  • Wear comfortable and forest stay suitable clothes. Also make sure you have good pair of sports shoes for trek and sunset point visit. You can carry extra floaters or flip flops to move around in the resort. We strive to keep the surroundings litter free and we expect you to help us maintain it that way.
  • Last but not the least an open mind to embrace beauty of the nature and soak in all the precious experiences nature has to offer.


  • 09.30 Hrs
    10.30 Hrs
    Check in and Breakfast.
  • 10.30 Hrs
    12.30 Hrs
    waterfall trail or Trek in the Shirota forest.
  • 13.30 Hrs
    15:00 Hrs
    Lunch with barbecue ( Veg n Nonveg) and dessert.
  • 15.00 Hrs
    17.00 Hrs
    Visit Kondeshwar shiv temple.
  • 17.00 Hrs
    18.00 Hrs
    Enjoy your evening tea with snacks
  • 18:00 Hrs
    Check out.

The kitchen does not follow a conformist pattern; you can be assured of an eclectic choice in the limited a la carte menu available at site. The choice will be limited by what is available at site. In case of any special requirements, please ensure that we are forewarned adequately, since the closest convenient store is a good 15 kms from here.

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